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Blanket Drive Update – Blankets Still Needed!


We have a worthy goal of 100 blankets for “Friends in the Desert.” They will be blessed on Sunday, September 8th and delivered to St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in downtown Henderson.

It has come to our attention that the need is so great RIGHT NOW that we should bring blankets as soon as we have them ready. Teresa, who runs all aspects of the “Friends” program, gets daily requests for a blanket, even though the weather is so hot. So please feel free to bring your blanket donations to church at any time. New blankets are welcome up to queen size, used blankets can be quilts, comforters, and regular.


Twin size bedspreads like sports teams, super heroes, princesses are perfect.
My pledge to this project is to make a delivery every time we have 8 to 10 blankets for them. So please search your linen closets, under the beds, storage benches. You get the picture.

Let’s show them, once again, how generous New Song can be!

Sharing with others reminds us just how blessed we are.
Questions??? Call Pam Way 702-982-8420


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